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Angels in Places of Worship

Communing With Angels

Lincoln Memorial Collage

Angels also seek out places of worship and consecration. Everything from humble prayer chapels to great cathedrals attracts those beings who revere the holiness present in such places. In addition, shrines that honor great souls often are power centers for angelic presences. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. is such a consecrated edifice. Over this tribute to our greatest president abides a most magnificent presence known as the National Angel.

In Italy, the entire city of Assisi attracts numerous Angels who serve the Christ. As you recall, it was St. Francis who rescued Christianity from the machinations of the politics of the middle ages and reinfused the holiness of Christ into the consciousness of the church. Another place of Angelic power is located in New Delhi, India, at the memorial for Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi Memorial at the former Birla House, New Delhi. Photo by Fowler and Fowler

There are many others, often found in byways free from the press of crowds. As part of your increasing awareness, practice coming to stillness within a quiet temple or shrine. In this stillness you may be able to discern the flow of energy from inner presences. Ask yourself these questions:

What are the predominant characteristics of this place?

Do you sense a presence?

Is there a feeling, a keynote phrase, a color, or musical tone that comes through to your consciousness?

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