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Angels of Prayer

Angels Serving the Christ

An Angel of Prayer by Mildred Compton

To one with clairvoyance, our prayers are like seeds which have seasons of blossoming and fruitfulness. The love these bright messengers send forth to protect and nourish our uplifted inspirations is a gift for which we can ever be grateful.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Touched by Angels

Stately, pure, wise and clothed in pure white, Angels of Prayer appear in such dazzling light that it is Their faces that stand out most clearly to the clairvoyant. They have risen to a grade higher from the ranks of Angels of Adoration to members of the Order of Angels Serving the Lord Christ.

With Their regal bearing and reserved temperament, Angels of Prayer come from splendid lofty heights to provide releasement to the many troubled hearts They counsel. They are unceasingly attentive to our longings and requests offered in prayer. These Angels safe-fold our constructive thoughts so they will go without interference to a Higher Source. Our unworthy thoughts or appeals never reach these Angels.

Angels of Prayer study and work with humans individually and with the consciousness of groups and the prayers They release. They may answer our requests directly as They counsel us, or They may lift our prayers up to an appropriate Source in the Inner Worlds. They inspire us when we are receptive to Them by leaving us a vision, an impetus or a realization about our future progress and improvement. If we were aware of the love They send forth to protect and nourish our uplifted inspirations, we would be drawn to express our deep gratitude to Them. We attract Them to us when we acknowledge Their reality and make an effort to understand Them and the vitally important role They play in our lives.

Angels of Prayer have white auras. They are attentive to the thought forms created by meditations or prayers. They guard constructive thoughts so they will progress free from interference. Unworthy appeals never reach their levels.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Insights Into Reality

Angels of Prayer at Work

Flower describing an Angel of Prayer at work in the church

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