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Angels of Music

Angels Serving the Christ Spirit

Angel of Music, Don Burson

Among the most compelling of the Orders of Angels are those Messengers of God Enoch referred to as Song-Uttering Angels, the source of the legendary Music of the Spheres first highlighted by Greek mathematician, scientist and philosopher, Pythagoras (c. 570 B.C.—c. 495 B.C.). Just as the Inner Worlds are alive with dazzling Light and unearthly colors, so, too, do these Worlds possess sounds and music that are beyond description.

Inner Accounts of Angels of Song

Celestial choruses work together in great number. The magnitude of these choirs is almost inconceivable. It is even more difficult to realize the various octaves and keys in which this great assembly sings. Their singing can be likened to humming for They express tones without words. Flower once described how these Angels generate Their incomparable tones. It involves what at first glance resembles a trumpet but, in fact, is a tube-like energy field around which currents move. As the Angel creates the tones that enter this hollow energy form, the tones are purified and amplified by Angelic vibrations until they come forth with a power and glory unknown to human souls. The Music Angels journey to the Astral plane where, level by level, They purify Themselves before reaching the Causal plane where They align Themselves with Their bodies of Light before beginning Their Holy Chants. The very heavens reverberate with their peace-giving upliftment.

Those composers who have a well-developed sixth sense (intuition) are able to capture the strains of the Music of the Spheres and bring forth melodies, themes and choruses broadcast from Angels of Music praising God and His Creations. Music can transport us into higher realms of consciousness which provide us with a royal road into the Angel Kingdom. Music has been said to wrap around us, seep within us and bring us to thresholds of upliftment and transport that no other medium is able to accomplish. As one of the most healing art forms, music brings us energy, vision, inspiration, a clear mind and great joy.

The world has yet to attune itself to the higher sound waves which carry the symphonies and choirs of the celestial realm. It is helpful to practice listening when at the seashore, or while meditating near a musical brook. Sometimes a reflection of their harmonies can even be heard in the overtones of the water.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Rediscovering the Angels

Flower gloried in sharing with us music that expresses the Higher Realms. As a child she remembered hearing strains of music always carried by wounded soldiers. The music resembled a march and would repeat over and over until, when the soldier recovered, the sound would become very faint and go beyond her hearing. When she was young she also noticed that in factories and stores people worked to definite rhythms although they were unaware of them. She explained to members of the choir in the Church of the Holy Quest that when they sing with selfless devotion, they tap into the Angelic sounds, and those listening often feel tingling sensations throughout their bodies. Choir members felt blessed when Flower joined them in song, especially when she gave an Angel Call revealing to them the sound of an Angel.

Flower being asked to sing an Angel Call

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