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Dead Sea Area

Walk in His Footsteps

Mt. Temptation

The Dead Sea offers very different yet beautiful scenery. One can really feel the Bible come to life while following the River Jordan and passing ancient towns like Jericho. Our first stop was to take a cable car from Tel Jericho to the summit of Mt. Temptation, which offers beautiful views of the area.

Enjoy Jericho, Mt. Temptation, Qasr al Jehud (River Jordan Baptismal Site), Qumran, and Ein Gedi Kibbutz:

Video: Holy Land Pilgrimage: Dead Sea (1)

Enjoy Masada, Dead Sea, Wadi David, and final night at Ein Gedi:

Video: Holy Land Pilgrimage: Dead Sea (2)

Mt. Temptation

The Mount of Temptation rises up out of the Judean Desert 3 km northwest of Jericho in the West Bank not far from the Dead Sea. It is the site honored as the place Jesus went for His Wilderness experience following His baptism.

Matthew 4:1-4, The Temptation of Jesus

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