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Their Legacy

These are God's Acres

Flower and Lawrence Newhouse, 1934

As Flower and Lawrence steadfastly and lovingly devoted themselves to developing the grounds of Questhaven, their focus was always centered on their service to the Christ. Many buildings were added to the retreat over the years—a chapel, a print shop, guest houses, residences, the Church of the Holy Quest, and a gathering hall to allow retreatants to relax and visit. Miles of nature trails were created as well as meditation sites and openings to panoramic vistas. A large cross was placed at the summit—Inspiration Point—inspiring those who saw it and serving as a destination for hikers and a sacred site for Easter Sunrise services.

When Lawrence passed to the Higher Worlds in 1963, Flower carried forth the vision and growth of Questhaven that we see today. She urged all individuals who became a faithful part of the Questhaven group to fulfill their spiritual purpose by continuing to wield the Light and support the work of the Christ Cause.

Flower devoted the rest of her life to teaching about the Angelic Kingdom, the Lord Christ and the Hierarchy of Perfected Souls who serve Him. She joined her beloved Lawrence in the Inner Worlds in 1994.

Today Questhaven, a 655-acre retreat, stands as a monument to the faith and channelship of these two initiate souls blazing a fresh path up the eternal Mountain of God.

These are God's acres and are filled with an intangible quality that only genuine devotion emanates. Blessings from all creation await you whenever you enter Questhaven.

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Questhaven will be treasured in memory as a place of peace, a sanctuary where it becomes easy to put God first, to greet Him in the beauty of the dawn, the glory of the high noon, at the stillness of evening twilight. A place where one stands apart from overwhelming activity and senses the nearness of protecting Presence. Here God speaks to man, and he who searches for a solution to a problem, or a new inspiration in any of the walks of life, finds his quest. How grateful I am to have been allowed to enjoy and profit from a close association with Questhaven and Flower for the last forty years.
Faith Isaac