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Appreciation and Sharings

Gratitude throughout the years

An Easter gather on Inspiration Point

Tributes of gratitude to Questhaven and its founders, Lawrence and Flower Newhouse, are shared here by some of the lives that have been touched by their love and exampleship.

I entered the chapel a quarter of an hour before the service began and, sitting in silence, it happened. It was so blessed and deeply moving. I was considering and appreciating that my quest for God was acknowledged truly by my being guided to this holy place. I was aware of great love within and around me and at first I was choked up, then overwhelmed. Tears came and covered my face (which is unusual for me). After the talk, which made as always, so much sense to me, I had become by this time introspective and in communion with my inner self.
Barry Robins

Flower A. Newhouse

Video: Gratitude for Flower’s Life

Flower is to me the perfume of many flowers, the sweetness of the evening breeze, the melody of happy birds, the light of sunrise and the peace of sunset. I feel that should I live to be 100, I would like to gather little children around me, and say, "I have known and seen and loved an Angel!" (Angela)

An Animal Blessing with Flower in the 1950s

Video: Our Spiritual Teacher: Flower A. Newhouse

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