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Life Experiences to Share

May you too find your way

Flower sharing her experiences at Mt. Frazier in 1972

First of all, I would like to share with you the importance of life rules. I have found them to be a compass ever lifting and steering my attention back to the very needs of God's expression flowing through me. Here is a copy of mine that I keep on my desk as a reminder:

Flower’s Life Rules

Life Moments to Share

When I was a young girl, my father passed. It wasn't long after that my mother remarried. This new stepfather was a real problem to all of us. I want to share that story with you because it illustrates that some of our life's greatest challenges can also bring us to new levels with God. I have learned to look back on my life and give thanks for those difficulties.

There is value in life’s greatest challenges.

I loved Lawrence dearly but sometimes we pushed each other's temperaments. I was a Taurus, and he was a Cancer. We had to learn to work together to do what God needed us to do and to do it rightly.

Lawrence was a person who got things done. I had to make sure it felt right.

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