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Thoughts on the Ideal

by Flower

Flower greeting guests with a smile in 1954

The very first biography of Flower was written around 1932. She was just twenty-three years old. It was called The Chalice. This title is very telling to how Flower felt about herself and her service for God. At the age of twelve she wrote:

One thing I desire is that people shall learn to know God, and that only. I do not wish anyone to become attached to this personality; for the cup can only hold the water, it cannot satisfy the thirst of the needy. I pray that God will use this body and mind that is dedicated to Him so that in leaving the temple service each worshipper will carry in his heart the living Presence which they have learned to feel more intimately.

A flower casts its fragrance upon the breath of the winds, never asking for recognition nor admiration nor love because its inner nature compels it to sweeten the world. So through this channel may the perfume of Reality steal to gladden the lives of all.

Seeing our vehicles on this earth as chalices for God to fill with living waters to pour out to a thirsty world gives each of us something to strive towards. Flower wrote ten ideals to that she was working on toward this quest in her early twenties.

Thoughts on the Ideal

I have not come to correct but to transform my surroundings and beloved ones.

I will win my way into the hearts of others by using the love I have seen in Him: a gentle, all-understanding and consuming love.

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