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Amfri Angels

Serving the Nature Realm of Fire

Amfri Angel

Higher, then, is the Amfri, but no longer connected with heat or flame, but who uses the flame of enthusiasm, reverence, and aspiration within the hearts of people in our world and in nature.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Mountain Pilgrimage (Idyllwild)

The Amfri is an Intelligence, which stands upon the level in development of the Guardian Angel. This glowing, fiery Presence, working through the mental region primarily and as low as the astral dimensions, is constantly on the alert for the fires of aspiration to be observed as coming from Earthians. You might call Them the celestial spirituality watchers. Their work is to ignite and sustain the fires of spirituality.

Most human beings are fire-like for only brief periods, yet in these moments when all the bodies and faculties are united in their ardor have the Amfri opportunity for entering into contact with a person. They work to link our attention with God in such a way that we receive a greater degree of divine at-one-ment. While most of the fire intelligences have little to do with humans, the Amfri are fire Angels who work deeply with humans to accelerate their spiritual evolution. These special Ones are constantly seeking those in physical bodies who are strong enough and desirous enough of longing for and reaching for the Light. They witness the auric fires which momentarily flash from such an individual. They hover over us in these moments with a love similar to that of a Guardian Angel and strive to cleanse us of the dross that weighs us down and separates them from God Light.

The Amfri Angels, working from the mental dimension, gradually purifying the heavy and dark areas of the individual's consciousness. They can affect us only during our moments of spiritual receptivity, when our auras are like flames of devotion.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Celebration of the Angelic Hosts and Angel Dedication

Also involved in the working out of karma, Amfri are especially interested in purifying human emotions. Working to open our consciousness and penetrate our barricades of self-will, the Amfri drop insights and recognitions into our minds that illuminate our thought processes. They condition individuals to withstand the electrical supercharging that accompanies all major spiritual initiations. Their very essence is love and they are responsible for the perfecting of human relationships. As humans are offered liberation from their imprisonment in matter by these fiery beings, they reach a high state of reverence and are constantly under the surveillance of the great Angels of Fire.

When initiation is experienced by the human being, that Amfri responsible for the conditioning of the human soul makes a spiritual contact with the next higher order above Him.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Kingdom of the Shining Ones