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Serving the Nature Realm of Fire

How a flamin might appear in a forest fire

Salamanders evolve to become flamin who are from two to eight feet tall. Their work is instinctive as they purify and cleanse physically and psychically the buildup of debris.

Possessing limited intelligence and no soul consciousness, as yet, flamin are neither constructive nor destructive. Human carelessness in nature sets them into action.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Esoteric Teachings: Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse (Vol. 2)

We see them in forest fires, but they are not themselves destructive. There is a destructive side to fire, but it does not touch this order. The flamin would be working in a forest fire to protect the forest as much as possible. Should we ever see such a fire, we should be sure to pray in Christ's name that the flamin in that fire be empowered from on High to extinguish that blaze.

Although humans put forests at risk with their carelessness and fascination with the power of fire to consume what is in its path, fire is mostly a welcome and constructive element on earth.