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Solar Logos

Serving the Nature Realm of Fire

Sun raying out to all of earth's creation

The Bible tells us, God is a sun. The star that warms the earth possesses an ensouling intelligence that is known as a Solar Logos. It is no wonder that many peoples have worshipped the sun. A being so powerful, bright, and perfect as to be made of Light inspires humanity's innermost respect.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Christian Mysticism: Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse (Vol. 1)

The Solar Logos (the Sun) is the most advanced Initiate of our whole solar system. He is a Being whose spiritual energy is many times more effective than His outer radiations of heat and light. His glorious beauty and purity of consciousness is more luminous than His visible fiery body.

The vehicle for the Mother/Father consciousness is found in the Solar Logos and the Planetary Logos because These are the Logi in charge of our solar system and Planet. They are not God the whole, but a manifestation of the personal side of the Divine Presence. Yet it is through the Will of the Solar Logos that God ordains the laws of our universe. The powerful symbol of the Solar Logos is the Sun itself. The earliest humans dimly realized the Supreme Invisible Spirit, this Presence, in the sun, which merited their veneration. The myths and legends relating to the Sun God honor this actual Being who has been the source of our physical light and life since humankind's inception.

The Sun

The Power of the Solar Logos

Were we to be affected by the spiritual vibrations of the Solar Logos as penetratingly as we are His physical energy, we should be shattered by the power. There are two reasons why we do not receive these full chargings. Firstly, the Planetary Logos sends us only a portion of His emanations (the majority of Solar Logos' inner power is broadcast into the interstellar spaces between the planets). Secondly, the Angels of the Morning add impulsations of music and healing currents to the incoming forces of the sun, which They are uniquely able to transmit.

On the superphysical level is a sphere of inconceivable splendor that the Solar Logos, Osiris, wields through direct attunement with the Pristine God.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Esoteric Teachings: Collected Works of Flower A. Newhouse (Vol. 2)

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