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The Fire Kingdom is most Prevalent at Christmas

Serving the Nature Realm of Fire

Christmas Fairies, © Jonathan Wiltshire

The coming of Christmas with Advent stirs the work of the fire beings. The highest frequencies of light flood our atmosphere during this time as they are channeled through fire beings pure beyond our human capacity to understand. It is from encouragement flowing from the Angels of Fire that relates us directly to the Divine Source. Our candle lighting service in the Church of the Holy Quest at Questhaven Retreat at Christmastime reveals flames of aspiration ignited from these Great Beings in the auras of congregants as they make their vows to Christ and light their individual candles.

Remember during Christmas Eve these great Presences and recall the Hosts more advanced than the Amfri, the Firls and the Pitris whose Hosannas are chargings and whose radiations are more powerful than lightning.
The Wise and The Strong