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Firl Angels

Serving the Nature Realm of Fire

A Firl Angel

The Firl are of greater development than the Amfri and are to be found only in the Causal world which is Their abiding nativity. The electric light and energy of the Causal plane is accelerated by these Beings who are electric in their natures and in their conscious activities. They are channels of these energies to bring an electrical baptism that penetrate a person's higher bodies for the purpose of initiation and illumination.

The Firl's power in humanity's regard comes into play when a person's whole being yearns for purity, for dependability and for fidelity to light. The Amfri has conditioned humanity both in consciousness and in their auric radiations to stand the super-charging which is announced through the first as well as later initiations.
The Wise and The Strong

They work on the soul level to manipulate electrical properties to further the unfoldment of humans who are ready and receptive. They work together with other Angelic host to permanently transform the consciousness and habit patterns of the humans they touch.

It is interesting to note how many minds and lives contribute to one soul's rebirth. Of human beings there are countless numbers who have prepared an individual for enlightenment. From their own human members who are in physical bodies, there may be no less than seven who are actively interested in one person's advancement. On the angelic side beginning with the Guardian there are an equal number of angelic presences who administer to the one ready for lightening. Among these are the Guardians, Karmic Angels, the Amfri and the Firl. Together, at the proper moment, These Beings bring through the grounding of the Solar Beam which changes the evolutionary patterns of the human it touches.

The Firl's specific duty is to wield the soulic electric baptism known, of course, as initiation.
The Wise and The Strong

In addition, the Firl are the Angels to whom we can address prayers for fire protection. During situations of fire endangerment we should mention the Firl by name. They are advanced enough to intervene on our behalf and They have a caring regard for humans and the entire planet.