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Fire Elementals and Salamanders

Serving the Nature Realm of Fire


From the world or element of fire originate Intelligences which govern, stimulate and regenerate the lives of human beings, of Angels, and of all the forms of creation.

Fire elementals appear as tiny specks no larger than the snowflakes they resemble.

Whenever we light a match we create sparks or a flame that for a brief moment brings these fire elementals visibly into the physical dimension from their invisible etheric world.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Angels of Nature

Next in evolution come salamanders who vary in height from 8" to two feet. Salamanders are totally absorbed in their mission of purifying the environment of accumulated deadwood and debris that can cause fire. They are not even aware of the existence of humans.

Flower has reported that their faces are always seen in the tongue of the flame and that most have very long, thin features. Their faces, moreover, reveal a lively intensity which is apparent in their eyes as well as in the spirited movements with which they tend the flames.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Angels of Nature

Flower talks of what fire elementals require of humans in order to interact with us