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The Value of Esoteric Christianity

Seeking a deeper understanding of Truth

How Reincarnation Affects Our Environment, Flower A. Newhouse, 1932

Many seekers have themselves felt Rabindranath Tagore's petition:

This is my prayer that I may know before I die,
Why the earth called me to her arms.

When we examine orthodox teachings we discover much concerning the greatness of Christ. It also contains moral principles which we are to emulate. There is little definite guidance revealed by orthodoxy and nothing that would satisfy Tagore's questions. Actually its effect is to veil the Truth—as did the use of parables in olden times.

The study of metaphysics deals primarily with the influence of the mind. It tells us to think creatively and constructively and to avoid adverse or negative states of consciousness. This study devotes itself to generalities. It is not specific as to what humanity's special purpose is, nor does it explain the meaning of life in the physical world.

To gain an answer to the two questions: why am I here? and what is the purpose of life? we must look beyond orthodoxy and metaphysics. We only find definite answers to these questions in the study of Esoteric Christianity. Its mission is to unveil the living Truth.

The Purpose of Esoteric Instruction

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