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Christward Principles

The Basic beliefs of the Christward Ministry

These esoteric teachings summarize some of the Christward viewpoints concerning fundamental principles which form the basis of enlightened, purposeful living.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Meaning and Value of the Sacraments

I am the Way, the Light, the Truth, Heinrich Hoffman

God, the Supreme Spirit

God, the Biune Creator, is the Absolute Eternal Spirit and the active Divine Spirit which functions through the Hierarchy. As Absolute Spirit, God is the great creative, omnipotent and supreme Pristine Source of Life and Power. Through the Hierarchy, the Parent Power divides Itself into many forms, the highest of which govern the works of the Cosmos. This includes the Holy Trinity, the Divine Spirit of Grace, and the Cloud of Silent Witnesses before the Throne.

Aspects of Divinity

Humanity's Evolutionary Journey

We believe that the Divine Spirit in an individual is biune, and that this unity of powers is divided when the Spirit seeks to unfold its Godhood through descent into physical life. The Adonai's separation of forces forms two Souls—one of negative polarity (the feminine Soul) and one of positive polarity (the masculine Soul). Throughout involution and evolution the Soul retains its own gender, with the exception of experiences of karmic correction when the Soul uses a body opposite to its own basic nature. Through the course of their evolutionary journey, both men and women achieve Mastership, Lordship and Godship.

The Way of Return

The Angelic Kingdom

Existing in the higher dimensional realms are Angelic Presences that nurture the advancement and development of each person and of nature. The Angelic Kingdom includes the Angels of Nature, the Builders of Form, the Angels of Inspiration, Angels of Love (Guardian, Healing, Religious and Song Angels), and the Angels of Birth and Death.

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