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An Esoteric Look at the Holy Bible

Deepening our bonds and understanding of this Holy Book

The Holy Bible

The Bible represents the Word of God, but the Word is sacred whether it is in a book or whether it is spoken, whether it is lived or whether it is sung, and we need to remember that.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Understanding the Value of the Sacraments

The Bible is the most read and the most quoted book in the world. It represents the Word of God. Even though most Christians are taught from the Bible when children and then as adults continue to read from it, our intimate knowledge of this great Book is all too meager. We need to establish a stronger bond with this Holy Book — a bond that deepens with increased understanding, as we march up the corridor of time toward individual Christhood.

Although the Christian Bible is the greatest esoteric book ever given to humanity, it is the least understood of any scripture because heretofore all efforts to explain it have been made upon a literal, intellectual, material and historical basis, and not from the standpoints of its spiritual symbology and occult meaning.
Homer Curtis, Key of Destiny

Exploring the Bible esoterically can be a real adventure in the discovery of Truth. The Christian Mystic, Flower A. Newhouse, read the Bible from beginning to end three times in her lifetime. Each time she came to new realizations.

Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo

Old Testament

The old testament is a history of the Jewish people and their absolute faith in their God (Jehovah). It is filled with some of the most interesting, even thrilling stories ever told. A new and fresh emphasis upon the Bible's relevance to the modern world can be helpful if viewed from a metaphysical or esoteric way.

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