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Earth Realm: Elves, Gnomes and Brownies

Serving the Nature Realm of Earth

An Offering from a Nature Fairy, Don Burson

Beings of the next unfoldment of intelligence are called Elves. Larger than Frakins, growing from 15 to 24 inches tall, they are entrusted with the service of becoming the spirits of the growing things, such as small plants, not flowers, but those which shall become shrubs in heights up to twelve feet or more. Having no free will, living always within the impressive supervision of the Great Will which moves them, these creatures through what we would call instinct, move within their own territory. As they travel from one vegetable form to another, Elves give life sustaining circulation to the etheric bodies of the plants that helps maintain and strengthen their lives.

As they grow, evolve and care for minerals or larger plant life, the beings become Gnomes, or brownies, as they are known in legends and folklore. They are quite unlike the pictures humanity has drawn of them, the only similarity being in their size. Instead of clothing they are more inclined to be attired in their elemental desire or ideal thoughts of leaves and flowers and forms of that kind. They are very responsive to direction and are older, more advanced and more intelligent than humanity's most intelligent domesticated animals. Among themselves they have names and know their ecstasies, and disappointments, and fears in a comparable way to that of mankind.

It is the service of the Gnomes to stir the very stuporous spirit of the rocks both above and near the surface, as well as below the earth's crust itself, with the Gnomes' ringing cry, 'Awake! Awake! All sleeping forms, be aroused to life!'
The Wise and The Strong

Gnome’s relation to humanity

As humans we have a wonderful opportunity to become aware of these beings and add to the life of earth and its nature's servers. When we are capable of loving the soil, the shrubs, the rocks, living trees and powerful mountains, we come to the attention of these self-giving beings who might reward us by revealing their treasures to us, perhaps a simple stone or even a mineral deposit of considerable worth. When we tread reverently into nature's strongholds, we shall find everlasting loyalty and devotion. However, if we carelessly or purposely poison nature with selfish habits and violent actions, we may incur serious penalties, perhaps reaping violence on ourselves in this lifetime or a future one.

Elves and gnomes have been observed frequently by Flower wherever she goes in nature. One gnome to whom she gave the name 'Poppy' was particularly fond of a resident of Questhaven who helped maintain the grounds. The little fellow would follow him around, observing his work and lending a hand in his fun-loving, delightful way.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Reverend Phyllis Isaac, Insights Into Reality