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Lords of the Mountain

Serving the Nature Realm of Earth

Mountain Lord, © Jonathan Wiltshire

Mountains are centers for immense positive energy and its distribution. As such, they often become the residence of beings known as Lords of the Mountains. These Beings are highly evolved Angels beyond the Allsees. Their work varies from range to range. Some have an initiatory or instructional work to challenge both nature beings and humans to higher accomplishment; others focus on renewal and healing.

All such presences are especially committed to the conscious unfoldment of life attracted to their domain.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Dr. Stephen Isaac, Angels of Nature

Every mountain chain has its directing Lord, as well as its numerous Angelic Guardians which are often called "The Spirits of the Mountains." These beings work toward stirring the languor of plant life into the activity of growth. In truth they are the impetus that quickens the lungs of nature.

The sizes of these Guardians of the Summits vary from an average height of ten feet to that of a hundred feet or more. Nature Lords are as large as the mountains they enshroud.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Rediscovering the Angels

Mountain Lord, © Jonathan Wiltshire

The highest nature Initiate resides on Mount Everest. From here an inner networks extends to every great mountain range on earth, including the Lord of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, the Lord of Mont Blanc in France, the Lord of Mount Cook in New Zealand and the Lord of the mountain peak near Machu Picchu. If you are able to visit these mountains, you will be greatly blessed if you stand quietly facing them and allow their radiations of deep reverence and serenity to envelop you. These Mountain Lords are telepathically connected to all of the Lords of the highest mountain peaks on earth and signal each other with blessings and a flow of vital communication. They strive always for the highest good for all.

Lifting our conscious with music and nature, contact with a Mountain Lord.

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