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Serving the Nature Realm of Earth

An example of an Allsee Angel

Still higher than the Allrays is an order of Master Devas known as the Allsees whose work is beyond our human comprehension, partly because it is focused on the benefit of earth rather than humanity. Their symbol is the single eye. The Allsees are the great supervisory Angels of a mountain peak. The Allrays are Their assistants who administer the rules and the teachings and the benedictions to the younger lines of evolution. The Allsees are the equivalent of the Masters in our world.

The Tremendous Blessing from an Allsee Angel

In the Idyllwild (California) area itself, the power coming from Tahquitz Peak is from an Allsee Intelligence and its quality is an electric blue.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Reverend Phyllis Isaac, Insights Into Reality

Flower once observed an Allsee Angel welcoming a group of retreatants who were visiting a mountain citadel for spiritual renewal. But this was unusual, as their work is generally devoted to caring for nature. This was true as well in Grindelwald, Switzerland where Flower noticed an Allsee Angel near the peak of the Jungfrau solely administering to the Devas in the area while right next to it an Allsee had a different focus. On the peak of the Munchen, this great Angel was recognizing and blessing the human beings in the area.

The calls that go out from these lofty Allsee Angels and Allray Angels are tremendous. They fill the whole canyon here, speaking locally (Questhaven), with a kind of thunderous, or tremulous you might call it, vibration. It can be heard musically.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Spiritual Meaning of Springtime