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Serving the Nature Realm of Earth

Mountain Allray, © Jonathan Wiltshire

Above the Tree Devas in the angelic Hierarchy are Angels serving all of nature who are called the Allrays, also referred to as the Angels of the Heights. These Great Angels direct the affairs of an entire region with the movement of their spiritual will. They ray out their benedictions from the loftiest peak or the highest point in a given territory. It is often an Allray that administers the initiatory rite to a tree deva in its region.

The Love and Blessing from the Tremendous Allray Angel

As Devic life possesses not only etheric but astral, mental, and Causal and all the higher bodies that we know, the Allrays dwell in their mental bodies. However, during the new and full moon periods along with other ritualistic occasions, they enter the astral sphere about the earth's aura.
The Wise and The Strong

On a trail in the mountain region of Idyllwild, California, Flower describes three ravine-like watercourses, each with its own distinct outpouring from Allray Beings located higher up the mountain ridge. The first has a rose quality, rich in currents of love. The second is emerald green in color, and its currents are strength-giving. The third is turquoise with a quickening effect that is excellent for the mental body—as influential for this vehicle as yellow hues. In this way and seen from the inner, each of these three streams sends forth a mighty river of power.