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Oreads and Tree Devas

Serving the Nature Realm of Earth

A Tree Deva, Don Burson

Above the gnomes are the Oreads (OR ee adds), intelligences trained to advance the lives of all large forms of vegetable life. Next come the Tree Devas, a group of advanced nature beings who stand near the threshold of angelhood. They are resplendent presences, often as tall as the trees they watch over. Tree devas are often mistaken for Angels by those fortunate enough to glimpse them because of their striking appearance and their vibrant energy and radiance. While their appearance is not beautiful by classical human standards—their features are too elongated and narrow, and their faces too triangular—they have the equivalent of beauty in their boundless etheric energy.

They appear to humans as light green creatures, with flashing eyes that bombard one with their vitality and penetration. Persons who love nature often attract their attention and even their baptism of renewal. Where they know they are welcome, Tree Devas bring an added blessing to the gardens and trees surrounding homes.

At Questhaven, the advanced Tree Deva whose home is in the largest live oak tree would be discovered gliding from oak to oak; but at nightfall he would be found again in his own great tree.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Christward Way

From the Oreads on, Devic life possesses not only etheric but astral, mental and Causal activity as well as Divine motivation. At an equivalent stage of unfoldment as most human beings, Tree Devas care for the wellbeing of trees wherever they are found under the watchful supervision of an Angel. They deserve credit for much of the creation and maintenance of beauty and harmony in nature. Devas are not only industrious but gifted with intelligence and sensitivity.

Flower once observed that a place without trees appears empty and desolate when viewed clairvoyantly. This emptiness is due in large part to a lack of deva energy. "If only people everywhere would perceive that trees not only give outer beauty to the land," she explained on one occasion, but their very forms are enveloped by bright intelligences who radiate superphysical energies through the growing trees.

The next stage of their unfoldment brings them to Angelhood.

Behold the King Sequoia, © Jonathan Wiltshire

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