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Animal Stories

Life lessons revealed through our companions

I believe one has to give a great deal of one's self to animals if one is to get the best out of them. And what is more one has to treat them as one would like to be treated one's self. If we are to get the best out of our dogs, it is no good shutting them up in kennels for the greater part of their lives and then expecting them to be intelligent when they come out. In my opinion animals must live with one constantly and learn words and thoughts that one says and transmits if they are to be true companions.
Talking with Animals, Barbara Woodhouse

Helping this Kingdom Evolve

Animal Communication Stories and Sharing

An Elephant Reaching out in Love

Samantha Khury

With over 40 years as an animal communicator, Samantha Khury refined her telepathic and intuitive ability to cross the boundary that once may have seemed impossible. Khury taps into the minds, emotions and memory of dogs, cats, horses, elephants and other animal species. Her increased understanding of an animal's behavior helps to remove fear, trauma and aggressiveness that is stressful for both animal and human relationships.

On May 23, 1999, Samantha Khury gave this talk at Questhaven:

Animal Communication: My Special Gift from God

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