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The Creatures

The Animal Kingdom

Spiritually, animals are our younger brothers and they truly deserve to be loved and included in our own evolving lives. They will add a unique quality of enrichment no other source can provide.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

Since ages past mankind and animals have had a mystical bond. Stories of pets saving their masters lives and going great distances to find their way home when lost, we have all read about with unbelief and wonder. What is this mystical bond?

Just as the Angels envelop mankind in their helpfulness, mankind needs to consciously realize their responsibility toward helping the younger life wave of the creatures, and this forms the mystical bond between the two.

These Too Shall be Loved
These Too Shall be Loved
There is a purpose underlying evolution, and that plan works toward gradual fulfillment and perfection. This purpose involves both animals and...
Animal Stories
Animal Stories
Read and share stories of touching and inspiring interactions with our pets and other animals...