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Insights into Color

the Blessings it brings us

The radiant color of a peony

Color serves us in many ways. It is one of the most practical and beautiful things in this world. It is indeed the crowning glory of vision.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

There are multifaceted aspects of our lives where color is assigned a value: science, art, the seven rays, our auras, nature, chakras, industry, cultures, our moods and temperaments, and of course, in our personal self-expressions and home decor. There are entire industries devoted to this lofty subject.

The Influence and Vibration of Color

If we tune in, we will begin to sense a rhythm, a vibration in the expression of color. Hence, Flower found the wise use of color to be most beneficial. She could see certain colors uplift the aura of someone who was suffering, or depressed. For instance, blue, the color which has the greatest number of qualities within it, can carry the value of spiritual truthfulness, sincerity, integrity, loyalty, devotion, healing, and relaxation. Greens, with all the myriads of shades, can are useful for healing, adaptation, energizing, charging, compassion and prosperity. Violet carries the vibration of nostalgia, yet shade variations such as lilac and lavender carry the value of gratitude and remembrance. The deeper purples can express pride, convention, and tradition. Orange the warmest color of all inspires courage, perseverance, and purposefulness. The apricot-pink-gold of sunsets is a gift of love from the Angelic administrators of that work.

Transcending colors in flowers

Flower took care to use a bright invigorating orange when she decorated the Friendship House as well as turquoise, for positivity, gladness, and which aided in bringing out the best in each other. She mixed these two colors with kelly green and yellow that our time together may be filled with happiness and deepening friendships.

Flower on the color orange

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