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The Significance and Meaning of Color

How it influences us

The many variations and shades of color.

Colors have a much greater influence upon us than many persons realize. They affect us emotionally, having either a good effect or a detrimental one upon us. Just as we would refuse poisonous food for nourishment, so too should we decline to use shades which have harmful consequences.

The dark colors have heavy elements about them which act as a weight upon our feelings. The bright hues are charging and renewing. Pastels are elevating and inspiring influences.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

Because white is composed of all shades we should use it carefully and only when we need its impersonal effects. Our selections in colors should concentrate upon that which we need. If we are a passive type, we should use bright tones whenever possible. Should our temperament be energetic and vivacious, our nervousness can be quieted by using pastel tones. However when important occasions arise and it is expedient that we are at our best, then our choice of colors should center upon those shades which embody that which we wish to radiate. For example if it were necessary to be calm, tolerant and harmonious, our selection for our attire would be a medium blue. Were it essential that we be exceedingly alert mentally, yellow would awaken our minds.

The Inner Meaning of Colors

gold Gold: Mastery

orchid Orchid: Dedication or High Spirituality

Flower on the color white

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