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We have some recommendations for you. These are favorites of the last three months. Enjoy!


Folatel Angels

Released January 23, 2023; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Angels: Their Work with Man and Nature
Music: Emotional Inspiring Piano and Strings by Morning Light Music; Art: Aqui Angel by Elyce Chantel Elyra, Initiatory Angel by Mildred Compton, Budiel Angel by Don Burson, Folatel Angel by Jonathan Wiltshire

There is a most important order of Angels that takes care of the animals. The head beings of this order are called Aqui Angels, and They are the supervisors. Then there are the Budiel Angels who are specialists in the different species of animals and guide their evolution. But the ones that concern us are the Folatel Angels. If you have ever lost a pet and you prayed and your pet was returned very soon, a Folatel Angel was responsible for bringing back your pet.


The Significance of Birthdays

Released January 9, 2023; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Birthdays and What They Contain
Music: Piano Inspiration by Music Runner; Art: The Christ by Arthur Learned

In most great spiritual holy days, we are looking out of ourselves. At New Years, we look at the world and how we may try to help it and do more for it while we are here in physical embodiment. When our birthday comes, we are allowed to think of ourselves. This pertains to the inner self of us, not the personality self or the outer. A birthday is significant because the Eternal One who indwells us which is the Spirit that God gave us, is in need of our attention and our intuitive openness to inner direction.


Ascend the Mountain of God

Released October 31, 2022; Insights by Dr. Stephen Isaac, The Left Hand of Discipleship
Music: Emotional Orchestral Main by Alex Bird; Art: The Living Christ by Jessi Chadwell

Now in the design of the school of life, our Creator set into motion within us two forces. We've called them either the Higher Nature and the lower nature or the Soul and the shadow. God set the goal of life as mastery, which meant that we have to ascend the mountain of God, overcome ourselves, and reach its summit by achieving the condition of being self-emptied and God-filled.


Our Real Self

Released August 23, 2021; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, Steps Toward the Real Self: The Soul
Music: Eternal Hope Orchestral String by Groove Committee

Until Masterhood, every one of us is incomplete and being that, we do not always meet crises and the various experiences of every day with our highest intelligence and with spiritual wisdom. But in every lifetime, there is more growth realized than the life before, and we have more to contribute to our future than we have had in the past. And what is it in us which carries through our gains in this lifetime as well as our mistakes?


Conscious Divinity

Released April 6, 2020; Insights by Reverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Message the Glory of Easter Teaches Us
Music: Piano Inspiration by Music Runner; Art: The Christ by Arthur Learned

There are Lords other than our Lord Christ. There are Masters. But to be a Christ means that someone out of all humanity had to be intuitionally linked up sufficiently in goodness, strength, nobility of character, in greatness of self-giving, in unparalleled courage, to be able to sense the Planetary Logo's pattern of Christhood. So full was His response to what the Divine Plan wanted humanity to realize—Conscious Divinity.