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The Story of the Christ Statue

The Christ Statue

The Christ Statue and Altar, 1960

Questhaven's renowned Christ statue was an answer to a prayer. It began as a vision and through faith and devotion, it became a reality. It tells the story of how Flower and Lawrence approached life and the founding of Questhaven in all ways.

In 1959 during the planning, design, and construction of the new Church of the Holy Quest, it became apparent that something would be needed to adorn the new altar to represent the Living Christ. Flower envisioned a work of art, something that would help to bring alive the Spirit and presence of Christ within those who looked upon it. The search began for an artist who could help create such a work of art, at Flower's direction.

Prayer and faith were the essential elements of the search, and in time through good friends of Flower, Ernest and Helen Burmester, she became aware of a church in Atlanta that had a wood-carved Christ statue. These dear friends knew of the artist, Otto Flath, from Germany. Lawrence Newhouse sent a letter to these friends, inquiring whether they could obtain a photo of the wood carved statue in the Atlanta church.

Letter from Lawrence G. Newhouse inquiring about Otto Flath

It wasn't long before they received the photos and Flower knew this was to be the artist for Questhaven's new Chapel. The images included on this page are the original photos of the Christ statue in the Lutheran Church of the Ascension in Atlanta, Georgia, by Otto Flath that Flower and Lawrence received.

Christ statue by Otto Flath in Atlanta sanctuary

Installing Otto Flath statue in Atlanta sanctuary, 1959

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