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The Placement of the Hands

The Christ Statue

The Christ Statue

Have you ever wondered why the Christ statue's hands are positioned the way they are? In meditation, it seems we are asked to do just the opposite.

Flower A. Newhouse has taught individuals during meditation to have the right hand facing God (up) as the receiver of Light. The left hand faces down to ground that Light into every vehicle of our beings. To individuals who practice this, she says:

This means that they are receiving but the reception then goes into all their bodies and out into their aura and when their aura is filled, then it overflows into the content of the world stream. They give from their overflow, and it wouldn't be wiser for them to give in any other way as it is easy for the positive person to give.

Meditation posture

Reverend Flower A. Newhouse wrote to the artist to specifically position the hands opposite to this. She said that the left side of the body is the giving side of one's true self. While we need to be infilled there, the Christ is giving the full content of Himself through the left hand. The right hand aimed earthward means that the Christ is not taking in any of the power of the world. He is balancing the inflow and outflow of God.

So different than us individually, He is the Source of God's benedictions raying out to the world while we are mirroring His blessing as willing receivers of it.