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Flower's Approach to the Christ Statue

The Christ Statue

Approaching Statue

Many who were present to hear the Reverend Flower Newhouse in person teach for the 30 years she was active after the dedication of the Church of the Holy Quest, wondered what she did as she stood before the Christ statue. Prior to walking up to the podium, Flower would stand facing the Christ statue for a few moments, to honor the Christ and to offer herself to His service.

Standing before the Christ Statue

While aligning herself to the Christ presence, she would say Purify thou me that I may worthily perform Thy service.

Purify thou me that I may worthily perform Thy service

She said it was words of this kind that bring about a change in our auras. Our auras are emptied from the old, the stale, and they are infilled, therefore, with the new towards which we aspire.