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The Story of the Christ Portrait

From Vision to Canvas

An early colorized version of the Christ Portrait

The whole world falls away when I look into His eyes. Here, I am in His Holy Presence, and He is loving me. Loving me where I am, yes, but most importantly where I am going.
bioReverend Blake Isaac

Artist Arthur Learned, from Stamford, Connecticut, was a spiritually devoted man and a prolific portrait painter. He and his wife became friends with Flower and Lawrence Newhouse prior to 1950, upon meeting them in New York City. That was during the time Flower was traveling the country as an invited lecturer in various churches, town halls, and spiritual gatherings.

It was after hearing Flower speak in New York that Arthur was prompted to send her one of his recent portraits that depicted a noble, radiant soul inspired through a vision. Arthur, knowing of Flower's inner clairvoyance, wanted to know if it depicted the Christ. Upon receiving it, Flower was moved by the authenticity of what came through this artist. While this picture was not Christ, it represented a Master that was familiar to her, although she could not remember His name at the moment. However, this new connection to the Master was soon to begin a great bridge of guidance and support from the Perfected Hierarchy that serves Christ that would change the course of Questhaven forever.

Visit Flower and the Masters in the Master's Temple for complete story.

What followed was a wonderful partnership. With the authentic inner sight and vision of a true mystic in Flower paired with the intuitive artistry of Arthur, they helped bring in several authentic portrayals of Masters and Great Ones. Leila Learned was so excited by what was coming through Flower to validate the spiritual side of her husband's work, she expressed these words of tribute through a poem.

Poem to Flower Newhouse

In 1955, Arthur was commissioned to paint the Lord Christ for the Christward Ministry.

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