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Christmas Candle-Lighting Service

Lighting the Christ Light Within

A Christmas Dance with Candles, 2014

Let us now draw near to our Lord's Spirit with a true heart, not just with yearning or an effort to be spiritual or to feel something, but with that true heart of devotion. He isn't wanting us to experience any kind of phenomena. He is wanting us to approach Him rightly. That's all he asks. Draw nigh unto the Lord with a true heart.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Christ's Contribution to the Preciousness of Life

The glory of Christmas is the glory of Christ in our life. When we light our candles during the sacrament of a candle-lighting service, we light a flame representing Christ within us: His strength, His love glowing and emanating with His frequencies from our very cores.

It is a special event to attend a candle-lighting service during the Christmas season. As this time of year signals the birth of Christ into the world, each Christmas gives us an opportunity to have Christ newly revealed in our lives. It is the season of rebirth. As we are able to have Christ's Light shine more brightly within us, then we become a greater instrument and vessel of the Living Christ.

We light our candles for Christ with the Angels

A Candle Lighting Procession from the late 1970s

Our Lord is Light in embodiment. So whenever we go to light a candle, let us remember this is the light of Christ. We say to ourselves:

I am the Light that lighteth every person that cometh into the world.
excerpt from John 1:9

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