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Preparing Your Christmas Gift

A Gift of Yourself to Christ

The Birth of Christ from an unknown artist, public domain

To help us begin to tune into our gift to Christ this year, let us watch this beautiful video retelling of the first Nativity.

Video: The Nativity

Next to the shining Presence of our Lord and the importance of His birth and His descent into the world at Christmas Eve at the holy hour of midnight is our gift that is given to Christ each year.

We Come to Christmas in Preparation and Reverence

Each nativity we should offer the Christ the gift of self but in a new and ever fresh way. One year we might give to Him some great overcoming—an overcoming of a sorrow or a habit. Or perhaps it might be that we will give to Him the gift of the development of a quality. This too is important, a quality that is lax in us, that is weakly developed that should be there strongly. We want to give good thought to this gift that it stretches us but is attainable. It is easy to choose something that is so noble and lofty but too difficult for us to live daily. On other occasions we might try to take on several different gifts of self. Flower has shared that each year there should only be one thing we take on and do it well. Once we have our gift in mind, we bring it to meditation near the midnight hour of Christmas Eve.

Finding a Gift of Your Real Self

And I can tell you this, that there is no one who could ever look at you and make you know that he saw you to your depth, to all the past tragedies you have known, to all the addictions and the obsessions you have outgrown, and also this Christ whom you love sees what you are about to reveal as a blossoming.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Holiness of Christmas

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