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Meditations with Christ

Emmanuel—God with Us

Healing Hands of Christ, Robert Temple Ayers

Jesus knew a rapture in communion with God which proved that He had surmounted all the barriers of mind wandering, intellectual abstractions, and faulty attunements that are the blights of silences.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Christward Way

In meditation, when your eyes are closed upon the outer world and opened upon the world of Spirit, how do you approach the realization of God?

In the beginning of Christ's relationship with the Infinite Spirit as Jesus, He must have taken time to listen to the sounds of Life around Him. The Divine Life was reflecting Itself in the gladness of the bird songs, in the movements of the frolicsome wind and in the activities of unfolding humanity. The undulations of His thoughts would gradually swell until they finally beat upon the shores of another world. Here the Presence shining throughout every dimension was accorded the adoration which was Its due. Other beings, creations, rhythms and tones were like minor notes which were in contrast to the rising exultant crescendo of the over-mastering Presence.

This great Influence which penetrates kingdoms, lives, and powers was not awesome to the worshipping Jesus. He knew that behind the grandeur of Its Omnipotence resided a Spirit of Infinite mercy, of enthralling love, and of tender kindness.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Christward Way

It was from this side of the Mother-Father Spirit that the Son of God drew His indomitable courage, His transcendent faith, and His unfailing power. Your Exemplar has shown you the way to approach the Presence of God. The more thoroughly you unite yourself with the ever-present Parent during meditations, the stronger will be the beam of Light that enlightens your entire day.

This page is dedicated to communing with our Christ in thoughtful meditation to connect with God but also to allow His gaze to awaken the activity of God in us. Christ's eyes have a wonderful way of penetrating into one's soul. Take time to enjoy the various artists interpretations of Christ accompanied by a message of Flower A. Newhouse.

Meditation 1: Dedication

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