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The Mystery of Christhood

Emmanuel—God with Us

The Planetary Christ

On every planet which houses human life there is always a Christ Regent who is in charge of the re-creative work of the planet, of redemptive work, of spiritualizing, refining, purifying every individual.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Quest

There is always a great representative of the third aspect of the Trinity, who on earth is called the Maha Chohan, in charge of the cultural development of the planet. There is also one whom we on earth call the Manu, who has charge of organizations, systems that maintain the practical work necessary for humanity's welfare. But all Manus, Maha Chohans, Lords, Masters, Angels, Logi salute the One chosen to be the Supreme Wayshower to God. This One does not become the Supreme Wayshower by themself, but is chosen by many to become the Hierarch of a tremendous sea of solar energy—called the Christ Spirit.

Understanding Christship

Serving this planet are many Masters, a goodly number of Lords, many Manus and Chohans, but it seems singularly notable that there is only one Christ. This causes us to wonder why not even one of the teachers of Christ was chosen for this high office—Melchizedek, for example, Who was an early teacher of our Lord in one of His former lifetimes. We know there are many Great Ones, lofty and gigantic wielders of power. Yet amongst them there is only One capable of powers so finely balanced, well proportioned, completely and minutely developed that in Him could ripen the energies, blessings and unfolding work of a Christ. Thus, the reason our Lord means so much to us is that we have seen from afar what His office represents. He is rare, this Lord Jesus, considering that of all humanity, He is the only One capable of being Christ for us. True there shall always be a Christ—there was one before Jesus; there shall be after Jesus, but He is the only one for our humanity. There are two who are now being prepared for the office of Christhood: one is the glorious Master John, and the other is the beloved, venerable Master Kuthumi. However, they are not intended to be Christs for this earth planet but for other planets of this solar system.

The Universe

When we understand Christship, we can realize a little of what these light-paths mean that come into our planet from distant places. For us there will always be an association with our own Hierarch, the Lord Emmanuel—the name the Great Ones now call our Lord Jesus. The Lord Emmanuel is this planet's Christ, while above Him is the Christ of the Sun who is the Christ of the whole solar system. Then there is the Cosmic Christ, who is the Christ for the entire Milky Way galaxy. There are likewise other representatives of the Christ Regent in every solar system, in every universe of the Cosmos. There is one Deity called by the strange symbolic name, The Grand Man of the Universe, who is supreme, above all that can be grasped by the finite mind of man, a manifestation of the absolute, unbounded, uncomprehended God.

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