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Beauty and The Arts

Finding God Through Beauty

God comes to us by many paths, and we should welcome and value every path the Divine uses. One of the greatest and most joyous ways God illumines and touches is through Beauty. As the Divine comes to us in this manner, we become ourselves self-forgetful. We are lost in the wonder of God's holiness, the greatness of our Creator's conception in every landscape and work of art that brings through something from the Eternal. Experiencing the texture, color, word and sound of Beauty helps us fully understand that we might be in this world but we are of another world too—God's everlasting kingdom of Light and Beauty.

let us ask that the Spirit of Beauty teach us and that the Spirit of Beauty enter us, let it govern us and that it make us like itself.
bioFlower A. Newhouse, The Arts

Explore the many entrances to Beauty below. Each leads to either a gallery or theater presentation inviting each guest to experience God anew.

Music is one of the easiest forms of the beauty that's sacramental to receive. Music when it is heard creatively and spiritually, really changes our...
Flower became a student of color in the school of Pythagoras. He would have students meditate on a specific color and try to draw out their qualities...