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Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Ever Seeking a Stable Life


The sign of the Bull is that of Taurus. It is governed by the first ray of leadership.

Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of love, and therefore the children of thought have a basically amicable and kind disposition, but when they once have conceived an idea they cling to it with stubbornness, they are very resentful of contradiction and very difficult to convince that they have made a mistake; but when one has once succeeded in showing them that they are wrong their inherent love of justice and truth will prompt them to acknowledge their mistakes and try to rectify them.
Max Heindel, The Message of the Stars

A Look into the Sign of Taurus

Some persons come into this sign because of their own nature gravitating to Taurus. Higher souls enter it because they require the grounding, stabilizing earth influence which Taurus wields. Natives of this second Sign of the Zodiac will be outgoing and more inclined to be extroverted than introverted.


Taureans have deep and intense love and loyalty. They are usually cheerful, hard working, artistic and appealing. Benefiting from a practical and reliable work ethic, they often harvest the fruits of their labor. Theirs is a path of courage and service.

Taurus symbol

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