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Angels of Adoration

Angels Serving the Christ

Angel of Adoration by Elyce Burson

The Lord's Angel encamps round about and delivers them who reverence God.
Psalm 34:7

We may never comprehend the endless blessings Angels bring into our lives or be able to fully express our gratitude for the help we receive from these Bright Messengers of God. There are more Orders of Angels than we in human consciousness can estimate, and among those Orders are the Angels Who serve the Lord Christ. Largest of this Order are the Angels of Adoration, also called Religious Angels.

They are always in attendance in churches, temples, shrines, ashrams and places where worship and reverence are sincerely practiced. Were you to go into a House of God at any hour of any day you would never be alone for you would be in the presence of these joyous Angels. They endeavor to strengthen the bond of communion between God and humans and lift the consciousness of those in attendance by purifying and encouraging every soul to open to Divine Presence.

Angels of Adoration at Work

Angels of Adoration are the most joyous Beings I have ever observed.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

They send forth waves of radiant rose-colored energy trying to awaken passive persons to see the Light. They help to lift our minds from ourselves and focus them upon a way to assist in establishing God's Plan. Their consciousness is vertical while ours is horizontal. Whole audiences are gathered into Their auras and suffused by an atmosphere of changing colors.

Flower on Angels of Adoration

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