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Angels of the Christ Presence

Angels Serving the Christ

Angel of the Christ Presence

The more you think of, aspire toward, and invoke the Presence and Spirit of the Lord Christ, the stronger and more available becomes His Emissary at the altar
bioFlower A. Newhouse, Kingdom of the Shining Ones

The Great Order known as the Angels of the Christ Presence are beings of Archangel rank who are always masculine. This special order of Angelic Beings exists perpetually within the Presence of the Christ. The Christ Presence radiates energy through These perfected channels, which contains all of the active qualities attuned to the heart of Divine Love, Divine Purity, and Divine Unselfishness.

Video: Angel of the Christ Presence

These Masterly Ones have never been human and are always of a masculine polarity. These Angels radiate Divine Love, Purity and Blessings and help the lives of those less advanced than They. Many resemble Christ and at times artists on earth have drawn Them rather that our Lord Emmanuel Whom They worship and serve.

Each Angel of the Christ Presence is an emissary of Christ and shares in fulfillment of this mission by undergirding Christ's mission and relaying His currents of awakening and transformation. Trained in schools and powers of solar baptism, Angels of the Christ Presence stand robed and invested in the full qualities of Christ. They reflect these qualities and the spiritual sun radiation with which They are endowed. Eternally watchful, these Angels are eager to discover new outposts or altars from which Their resources can be distributed. Possessing the vitality of Christ Light's radiance,They might be called mobile representatives of Christ. Their inner beauty shines resplendently like that of our Lord.

Found in Sacred Places

Angel by Titian in 1520-1522 A.D.

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