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Video: An Angel Sharing and Expression of Gratitude

Ode to My Guardian Angel, Bliss

An Angel of the Place, Velma Pearson

Our Angel of the Place

by Anne Hubbell

At our home I feel that we have an Angel of the Place at the top of our hill where the home buildings are, right in the middle near where we park the car. She is large. I don't see her, but I know she's there and reminds me to pray for safety, attunement to God-Spirit, to serve God with the work we do in our home and work center. I believe she tells me to be patient if too much is happening too fast and she continues to be as efficient as possible so that in the end, it is not just busyness but purposeful.

I am so grateful that she is blessing us with her work at our home that is spiritual so that we can feel that we can possibly serve God each day.

Water Beings, AE Russell

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CericeCerice  Monday, August 31, 2020
Last year sometime, perhaps fall I attended a Pranic Healing and Karen attended me. I can see color when my eyes are closed and during this healing I saw many colors and was enjoying the time. Then the colors changed to ones familiar to me, very soft peach and very soft yellow chiffon. I had been studying esoteric teachings at one point in my life BUT 15 years prior to this day I had left the teaching to walk the Orthodox Christian path. I was startled when I saw the colors come into my senses-they were the colors of my Guardian Angel I used to know so long before but quit giving attention to. She whispered to me during the Pranic Healing "I miss you". I couldn't stop crying. It took me quite a few more months of stopping by QH to finally leave the Orthodox path and step through the "threshold" to the path here. So grateful to my Creator God for my Guardian Angel. I started to call her "Guardia" because she did not tell me her name. But one night in contemplation she whispered (her voice is very serene and gracious) call me Gloria. I guess that is what it was supposed to be all along but I just didn't hear it quite right the first time!