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Insights into the Ways of Angels

Varied Orders and Duties

Interplanetary Angels, Don Burson

Holy realities surround us and so much of the time we are unaware of them. We dwell too much and too long on our involvements with outer living. How vital is our need to be daily remindful of Presences dwelling near us invisible only to our physical sight.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Quest

The energies, powers, and wonders of the higher dimensions of existence should be remembered frequently because most of the Good which awakens and blesses us arises in spheres just above physical perception. We should be more eager to know something of the Worlds and Intelligences which are natural to us between earthly incarnations, and will be most familiar to us when our last human existence has been completed.

The Lord Christ exerts a tremendous influence upon humanity from His center of activity in the higher worlds. Powerful thought streams are sent forth from His Presence with thousands of archetypes in them for the regeneration and benefit of mankind. Nations receive these thought streams, while individuals are more inclined to receive archetypes (or new ideals) from these broadcasts.

The Lord Christ is Hierarch of Angels and mankind. He enlists the aid of the Angels in the evolution of our development. He receives the love and reverent assistance of Angels especially interested in the spiritual side of inner development.

Angels and Their Activities

Video: What do Angels do?

The Archangel Michael Defeating Satan by Guido Reni, 1635

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