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Increasing Our Veneration of Angels

It Begins with Awareness

Sacred Vision, Ann Rothan

Video: Reaching Angels by Raising Our Consciousness

Behold I send an Angel before thee to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared for thee.
Exodus 23:20

If God gave the Angels charge over us, They're most certainly interested in our lives and our spiritual growth. Learning to be more aware of Their presence could open up a whole new, magical world.

We know that there are Angels in every order of life and service. There are more orders than we will ever learn about in this lifetime, and there are larger numbers than our minds could conceive. Every Angel contributes with fullest ardor to the fulfillment of God's Great Plan for this planet. Each has a keen sense of selfless service. Even the lowest orders are continually intent on praising and glorifying God. Their entire goal is to serve the Highest. For Flower, the Angels were just as fully a part of her consciousness as were her family and friends.

If we would become aware of legions of these Pure Beings singing Hosannas continually to God, we would see Them carrying the Will of God into every plane of manifestation. They are silently (to our outer ears) active all around us even though we may not be aware of Them.

These glorious Beings have been aware of us throughout our entire evolution, and They have been helping us in ways we can't even imagine. But, how aware of Them are we? Do we really know them? There is a lot of difference between knowing of Them and knowing Them.
bioReverend Elizabeth Wood

Where Tears Go, Ann Rothan

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