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Invisible Helpers: Human and Angelic

Activities from the Inner Side of Life

The Annunciation, Henry Ossawa Tanner

When one prays they are the recipient of help, sometimes from totally unexpected sources. Life exists on many levels and throughout numerous dimensions. In these higher levels prayers are studied and dealt with by varying types of evolving beings. Humanity's spiritual and material needs alike warrant scrutiny and assistance by Those who care for mankind. Only on the physical side of existence do the superphysical activities remain invisible to outer sight.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Quest

There are two lines of evolution which contain beings who are interested in the needs of our mortal lives. These intelligences range all the way from a human being who has undergone physical death, to Lords and Logi who are beyond humanity's comprehension. On the Angel path of evolvement, assistance comes to mortals from Devas, Angels, Archangels, and the Archi above human recognition.

Shipwreck of Lefort, Ivan Aivazovsky

Inner Help During Disasters and Wars

In times of catastrophe on earth, such as tidal waves, earthquakes, floods, accidents, and wars, servers will be summoned to the Border between the outer and inner worlds. There, help is given to the fearful, the suffering, and the dying. One of my friends who had continuous consciousness remembered having died in her last life on the battlefield. She recalls awaking on the Threshold to sense streams of power coming from a tremendous figure who was sending out, in tones of tenderest love, a summons for the soldiers to move onward. She said that all around her soldiers were rising from their fallen bodies to travel to the feet of the immense Being.

After train wrecks or ship disasters, the dying are cared for by those of human and Angelic lines. The dead awake on the inner side in the company of many servers who render understanding and blessed helpfulness. Those who give such compassionate aid are souls

who have pledged themselves to help direct and heal persons who have changed worlds under violent conditions.

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