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Altar Candles and Stained Glass Windows

Symbols to connect us to God

The Altar at Christmas, 2015

Candles upon the altar are attributed to the Light of God in Christ that shines throughout the world. The presence of candles in a church or on an altar table informs us that the Christ Spirit is mystically present. As we focus our innermost beings on the Light of the candles, happy, unselfish and courageous thoughts and deeds form our glowing tribute to the glory of Christ.

Candles provide the incredible symbolism of Light

We say to ourselves: I am the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world." We accept that light and ask that all tapers of our own beings, all these holy senses, these chakras we possess and these other higher and more vivid faculties shall be brightened with the inflow of the Christ anointing.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

When we have candle lighting services on Christmas Eve, all of the Angels in attendance participate in it. The Guardian Angels stand before the one who goes to take his candle, and if there are four persons the Guardians stand at the communion table that has the candles facing their charges and as the candles are lit and verses are repeated by each devotee to himself, the Guardians ray out this special glorious pink cloud of light that brings blessings to the one who receives it.

Stained Glass on the Altar

On our altar, behind the candles and behind the Christ Statue is a lovely backdrop of pastel colored stained glass windows always uplifting us. Flower specifically chose the pastel colors knowing the definite effect colors have upon us. The effect of color is similar to the influence of another person's thoughts, to the music we hear and to the studies we follow. Dark shades have somber reactions, bright colors animate vibrant energies while pastel hues lift us to higher emotional and mental planes of being. Theirs is a quieting, harmonizing and purifying effect. This is the effect we so appreciate when we are in the church and receive a blessing from God and from our Lord Christ.