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Meaning of the Altar

The Emanation of God's Power

Entering the Sanctuary

As we enter the church and tune in with each of our senses, we become aware of all that is housed within this Light-filled place. We find ourselves awakening to why we are here and wondering what is waiting to touch our Souls. Entering this Holy Place with reverence prepares our Souls for what they may receive.

The altar represents God in His highest capacity filling and blessing the area for the distribution of Light. It also signifies the peak in us—those lofty faculties and vehicles within that are imperishable and always overshadowed by the Hosts of the Living God. Whether the chapel is filled with people or we enter alone, the altar permeates us with its mystical Presence.

Christian Mystic and clairvoyant Reverend Flower A. Newhouse shares:

The Chancel of the Church: The Altar

As we sit before the altar and remember all that confronts us, we prepare to receive from that lofty source all the messages, all the power, all the living Light that we may carry with us into the valley of the weeks ahead.

The Altar

An Altar of Being

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