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Sacred Meaning of the Five Altar Steps

Representative of our initiatory climb

The Five Altar Steps

The five steps on our altar illustrate the five great major initiations all human beings will experience as we evolve through our lifetimes. Each of these initiations brings us one step nearer to God, one step nearer to Christ and one step nearer to Mastery.

Each initiation represents the overcomings we meet as we progress through our long journey of evolution. Each major initiation is the opening of a newer level of consciousness—similar to a major examination we take in school to determine our fitness for entering the next higher grade. These initiations symbolize conscious spiritual steps and obligations we take in full awareness on the spiritual plane of being. They come through individual effort, devotion and experience. Only when we have fulfilled this work of clearing the channel through disciple and holding it steady through right living does illumination arrive.

Taking the first step we say: I will overcome self and serve the Cause unselfishly.

The first initiation is called the Birth because the candidate awakens to a new life through the regeneration of consciousness that they receive.
bioFlower A. Newhouse

The flood gates of illumination pour their joyfulness upon the disciple when they make the solemn decision that henceforth their life will be dedicated to the Eternal Spirit.

The characteristics necessary for achieving this step include:

  • Great desire of realization of God
  • Willingness to change one's life
  • Complete sincerity
  • Unselfishness
  • The overcoming of unhealthy and negative habits
  • The development of universal love

Taking the second step we say: I will transcend fear and free the Cause from human shackles.

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