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Uses of the Altar

Changes from season to season

Temple Dancers, 2011

Long time devotee of Flower, Joy Day, shares her experience observing the altar on the first service in the new chapel

Our altar is a most important part of every service in our church and every eye is directed toward it. We meditate in front of it. We worship the Christ Who is represented there by the Angel of the Christ Presence and the Christ Statue. Our temple dancers honor the Christ wearing colorful robes and flowing scarves as they move with striking spiritual intent. We all come forward to the altar for candle lighting at Christmas and kneel at the altar for Holy Communion at Easter. The altar is the site of weddings and baptisms and memorial services. Our choir processes toward the altar each Sunday. During our retreats, held four times a year, the altar is always the centerpiece for dancing, singing, praising and celebration. Colorful and unique altar decorations always enhance our celebrations. It is difficult to minimize the importance of our altar for it is the center of all of our spiritual work.

Here is an example of a Summer Solstice Retreat exploration into the Lord's Prayer. A Temple Dancer represents an individual offering the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus. Three dancers symbolizing Angels work with her from the Inner Planes lifting her worship to new heights.

Video: The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic as Seen Inwardly (with Angels)