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Serving the Nature Realm of Air

Spring Weaver, Ruth Harwood

All the angelic presences serving to influence the atmosphere and weather—a vast domain encompassing most of the air realm—come under the order of the Airwee.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Dr. Stephen Isaac, Angels of Nature

Airwee is a general term for many groups of Angels of the Air who do different things in this kingdom. They are in charge of groups below them including zephyrs and sylphs and they govern weather deciding which atmospheric conditions are needed. Under the Airwee are the Neentel who serve by gathering together conditions necessary for creating a storm and the Feeli who induce conditions that lead to the evaporation of ocean water. Another order, the Delvee, control and supervise the mingling of air and water elements. If rain, snow or fog are needed, the Airwee call in the forces of the Murmlo and the Neentel who together arrange the conditions necessary for making a storm. The Neentel control weather rhythms in particular seasons and form such things as patterns of snowflakes and frost.

The highest and most developed Intelligences of the air kingdom work in the earth's stratosphere. The Tija are tremendously advanced, Masterly and Lordly figures representing both male and female genders. They have been called the Lord of Lords of their kingdom as we think of our Lord in our kingdom. All instruction and decisions about changes in the climate, rainfall and fertility of earth are considered by the Tija, some of whom belong to the Water Kingdom and some whose rank is higher than Archangels. They have immense islands of space and sanctuaries of peace that are beyond human comprehension.

The superior advancement of the Tija is such that all of the beings of the air orders think of the Tija as we would think of our Lord. The Tija, or great Air Beings, would be exceedingly high in evolution.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Angelic Shining Hosts

The Watcher, AE Russell

Of the four nature realms—earth, air, water and fire—it is air that is the most dangerous for humans. Dead calm such as the doldrums around the equator that leave ships that are dependent on sails stranded in the water and very strong winds bringing flooding and destruction in their paths cause serious problems for humans. The air beings are not malevolent but they can be intolerant of humankind's disrespect and arrogance making them a volatile force to be reckoned with. Air intelligences are ever watchful of how humans regard their domain. If we pollute and contaminate our air, we invite disaster. If we work to prevent damaging our environment and show appreciation for the air kingdom, we earn their appreciation. The air realm within the human species is our own consciousness, and it is our thoughts and feelings that make up that consciousness. Nature expects us to exhibit self-mastery in order to be worthy of coexisting with her. By becoming aware of the inhabitants of nature and her four kingdoms and learning how to honor them, we may find ourselves serving as role models helping to awaken the rest of humanity to how we might serve our planet.

The intelligences of the air demand our constancy, fidelity, devotion, appreciation, and not finding it they often oppose us.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Mysterious Aspects of Earth, Air, Fire and Water: How We May Use Them Effectively