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Serving the Nature Realm of Air

A Zephyr enjoying a windy field

Next in evolution of beings in the air realm are the zephyrs. These beings contain the beginnings of active intelligence and when they are mature attain a level of intelligence equal to an average human being. Zephyrs represent the beginning of devahood in the air realm. When they are mature, they grow to be three feet tall with a lifespan of 300 to 500 years.

When we go into the out of doors our eyes are to take in everything that is around us. And our ears are to hear the symphonies and the lullabies and the zephyrs that move around us grandly or quietly as it might be.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, The Earth Is the Lord's and the Fullness Thereof

The creation process of zephyrs is most unusual. As in all of nature, parenthood begins with two beings of opposite genders coming together. Zephyr parents create their offspring through their joyful, playful ecstasies. Working together with inspiration in a joint enterprise outside of their bodies, the parents create a shape that resembles an egg. In a moment of ecstatic communion with lofty intelligences that supervise the air realm, the egg-like creation opens and a small, beautiful being, an exact one foot replica of its parents, emerges.

A dance of the Zephyrs, Michaelmas Retreat 1997

Video: Dance of the Air Zephyrs

Young zephyrs enter a place resembling a school where they are tenderly cared for and taught by beings known as Guardians of the Threshold. Through games and gentle instruction, the Guardians introduce the young zephyrs to the ways of the wind and air currents, teaching them to glide upon these currents they will be working with in their service to God. The zephyrs are taught to recall, in their consciousness and will, the One who created them and Who will guide and influence them as adult zephyrs flying with the winds. As young zephyrs they notice people, creatures and places they may choose to visit again later in order to be of service in bringing about climatic changes in these regions. They learn to control the air currents, learning how to accelerate and decrease them as they may need to do with destructive winds. The principle role of the mature zephyr is to deflect the intensity of mighty cosmic and solar rays that constantly bombard the earth. They concentrate on the etheric level to normalize overcharged cosmic forces that threaten the earth. As they subdue these intensifications of energy, the color of their bodies may temporarily change from the solar overchargings they carry until they can be disposed of safely.

...all the little beings of the forest were there, and the zephyrs as they moved horizontally, were swimming through the air, so joyously; they tried to get as close to this King Tree Deva as they could.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Angels Are Our Best Sponsors

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