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Angels of the Elements

Serving the Nature Realm of Air

Electric Angel, © Jonathan Wiltshire

Angels of the Elements either work exclusively with one element or serve several elements simultaneously.

Devas and Angels of Lightning are examples of this order, and They serve under Planetary Intelligences who look at the world's needs from several levels. If the earth is in need of certain elements or the lower planes are heavy with impurities, lightning will be attracted. Electric Angels is the name given to the group dealing with magnetism and forces of electricity. In the deva world they are called Speeriel. As humanity can develop its consciousness more highly, it is this order who they will work with to bring in greater balance the powerful elements that affect the earth.

The Weather Angels are either Devas of Wind, Storm or Calm. The Angels of the Seasons each have their own way of vivifying or making dormant the life they protect. The Angels of Harvest hover over areas raising food necessary to the human race.
bioReverend Flower A. Newhouse, Rediscovering the Angels

Video: Flower tells of seeing an Angel on a mountain trail

Winds are drawn to ascend and descend the rugged slopes in the heights of mountain ranges.

The area of Mount Everest and the entire Himalayan ranges are the planetary headquarters, as well as the playground, for the beings of the air realm.